Wilhelmina holding a giant jar of gross looking fermenting tea.Kombucha recipe:



Mold issues:

If you see oddities on the surface of the kombucha, google around to determine whether it's mold or not. Normal healthy scoby looks absolutely disgusting and yeast blooms can look really strange but are part of the scoby and not mold.

If you identify mold and it's a small spot, then dump some vinegar on it. The vinegar makes a bad habitat for mold and will prevent further growth. The most common mold is penicillin. Think about it, penicillin is harmless for most people, but makes some violently allergic. If you are allergic to penicillin, then especially don't drink moldy kombucha.

If you see mold growing all over your kombucha, then throw it out.

Flavors of kombucha:
Try making kombucha with different teas and see what works. You can use an internet search engine to see what will kill the scoby, but you'll get misinformation. For example, Earl Grey tea works fine even though internet consensus says it doesn't. You can also grow kombucha in straight fruit juice (boil first to sterilize, then cool and add scoby). Basically, scoby needs sugar and acid to keep growing. Go nuts.



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